Saturday, July 23, 2011

Griffins on the move.

Summer should be relaxing right? Not around here...we are on the move. Last week Whityn did his first SIT-DOWN story time at the library while someone other than mommy was reading and he made it 22 minutes...yes I timed it. Then we hit the park at the Alta School and had a picnic...loaded up the mini for a noopie and off to swim class we went. He did great in his first swimming lesson. He mastered ear dips, bubble blowing...and started to float...and also worked on the rocket ship across the pool. I was proud of him. Then...we went home and had i-keem!
Whityn is not the only busy one around here...mommy stays pretty busy too. I just enjoyed myself entirely too much on Palisades lake with some of my favorite girls. I wake-boarded....and tried to get up on the slalom ski....7 dice. I worked on my tan too.

Gotta love a girl day!!!
I just got a new mountain bike and have been trying it out in the mountains...I am 2 for 6 when it comes to staying on the bike. I either go over the handle bars or forget that I am clipped in. I am a big scaredy cat when it comes to going down hills or over big rocks...but I do love it. It pushes at my comfort zone...and you know I love that. The below picture was taking on my 6th ride on Putt-Putt in Jackson.

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