Sunday, March 28, 2010


The chariot is the best BABY purchase I have made. I love it. I use it everyday and Whit loves it too. He tends to take naps in here...and yesterday I looked in to find him all the way sideways sleeping....see, ours is a double....(NOOOOO, we are not planning ahead, but we got a great deal on it)....and it's quite roomy really..and he just laid on down. hahahahah.It was so sunny and beautiful yesterday...we did a 5 mile loop with Matt, Shell and Teya. I had planned to go 5 more, but Whit was all done....and so was I. Guess I am going again tomorrow.
On the road again.
All done. This is one happy, smiling, lovable baby. My mom says he is such a good baby. I think that too, but you see I don't know any different. He has greatly enriched my life. It's quite the ADVENTURE really. I love Whit-ski!!!!

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