Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Don't WIG out...it's just bath time!

Nothing wrong with a little Monday night fun....right? I got a package in the mail...it was from AMAZON.com!!!! I ordered some ACCESSORIES for a little DIsco this weekend....and I tried some of it on Whit...what'do yah think???

I think he would look good with black puffs!
Makes those baby blues POP right out!
OFF with the wig...into the sink....Monday was WHit's 7 month BDAY....so we celebrated a wash in the sink...he loved it. He was splashing up a storm.
I had to hold on to him at times...cause he was kinda nutso in there...he was jerking and splashing and waving about....he was a slippery little sucker!
Bathing and books....
UPDATE: Whit has had two days at his new daycare...so to speak. She is great. She keeps a log of Whit's day. She writes naps, foods, diapers discoveries, moods...etc. I love it...cause sometimes the drop off and pick up can be rushed so we have a nice little log to write in about Whit. She is so sweet and amazing and WHIT seems happy with the his new family. ps-i left school at lunch for 20 minutes to nurse him. I love that he is sooooo close. Things are on the up and up....

Another thing: My mom and dad are moving HERE. I am sooooooo excited. They will be a CAR drive away...never in a million BA-jillion years did I expect my parents to move this FAR out of their VERy comfortable COMFORT zone...hahaha. But, it's amazing what a grand-baby can do right...so, they will be here at the end of March, and reporting in to Utah around then too for the next 7 months running an Inn at the Flaming Gorge. So, we will be seeing a lot of them!!!! We are thrilled. I broke the news to Whit and he is beside himself...drooling all over, he is so happy. See you soon Nonna and Poppa!!!!


  1. So funny with that wig on!! That is so awesome about your parents moving there! You are SO LUCKY!!:)

  2. Wow wow wow! Awesome about your folks being around! That is going to be sooo nice. Congrats! And Flaming Gorge is awesome!
    oh! This is Anika, not Joe!


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