Sunday, March 28, 2010

ARE you ready for the wild wild WEST?

Never in a million years did I actually think that my parents would DRIVE into my driveway in Victor, Idaho. I always thought it would be cool if they lived out this way...but never did I think they would do it....WELL, they did. Tuesday night Nonna and Poppa pulled into my driveway in their white mercury sable. They had been on the road since early Sunday morning. The roads were pretty good until they reached Laramie, Wyoming. They were on I-80 and got to witness a true SPRING snowstorm + crazy WILD west drivers. Despite the white knuckles they made it. If you haven't been keeping parents are making a move to Manila, utah (aka THE FLAMING GORGE). I have never been there, but I hear it's beautiful and a fishermen's dream....which means my pops will love it. They are managing THE VACATION INN down there. If you don't know my parents...let me just tell you that this is EXTREMELY out of the box for them. I am so proud of their ADVENTURE seeking because for the next 7 months...we will be closer...only a 4 hour drive. YEAH.
This past week while they were here, they picked up the daycare slack. They loved being home with Whit-ski!!!
Lots of kisses and hugs were exchanged.
My dad loves to put his hat on Whit. I bet he can't wait to take him fishing.
My mom just loved every minute of taking care of her grandson. She also loved bossing me around and telling me how to take care of Whit too. I guess that's just what moms do...HUH?
So, all of you from ALABAMA are probably wondering what the heck DAD is doing down here by his tire....WELL, he is attaching TIRE cables (or chains) to drive over the PASS and down into Utah. For like the past 3 weeks, we have had amazing SUNNy...dry...BEAUTIFUL weather, but of course when my parents arrive....we had a sideways, crazy snowstorm which left the roads...well, RATHER, I told them they needed to go and purchase a set of TIRE chains. Here is the rookie going for it.
He did pretty well, considering he had never seen or done anything like this.
Getting down and dirty.

Don't let her fool you. She didn't help put them on...but she walked on out afterwards to give them a sign of approval. Mom had declared that she wasn't going to go to Utah unless dad put on chains....he was a good boy, he did it.

* parents made it safely to Manila, Utah Saturday. They are looking forward to a fun, interesting 7 months out west.

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  1. That's so awesome! So they are only going to be living in Utah and managing the Inn for 7 months? Then what? Alabama again? I KNOW you love having them nearby!! :)


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