Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh, what a weekend.

It all started with PARENT/TEACHER conference week.....eeesh. This time Jordy and I had them on the same week, which was ROUGH on the schedules. AND I decided that STARTING P90x this week was a good idea too...(it is)...anyhow, Thursday morning I headed over to my friend Anne's house around 5am....eeesh...I know...but we are crazy and we had P/T conferences that, it was the only time it was gonna happen. Well, when I drove away..everyone..dogs included were snoozing happily. Around 4o minutes later, Jordy called me with WHIT screaming in the background...."Hey, Whit is hot...I think he has a fever....and he woke up screaming"....ME: WHAT? okay....I am on my home I went and there we were..the 3 of us...not knowing exactly what to do...I got Whityn calmed down and back to sleep, but he had a fever. So, Jordy took the day off (BECAUSE I have NO DAYS left)...and off to the doctors....LONG of the short is...we find out that Whityn has "FOOT and MOUTH"....yep, I know what you are thinking..but go ahead and read does happen a LOT! Anyhow, poor sucker was so sick...Thursday, Friday, and started to feel better on Saturday mid-day....which was the DAY of my 3oth B-DAY party....however we cancelled it on Friday, cause our DOC told us to not have people in/out of the house touching all over Whit...cause F and M is VERY contagious!!!!! Yuck! I will spare you photos of Whit with red eyes and a VERY sad face...and save them for my memory only. I am just so glad I was able to be home with him and Jordy. We both had a 3 day weekend (due to P/T conferences), back to my 30th.....
Jordy talked me into going out (since my party had been cancelled and he felt so bad) to the LOCAL BREWERY (who was also having a DISCO party to raise money for the local ARTS council), with a little convincing I rallied for the occassion.....I am turning 30 ya know!!!! *SIDEnote...remember that I cancelled my party in which all my friends were coming over to my house for a DISCO...
So, I found a FEW "GOOD time GIRLS" to go with me to the brewery to throw down some 7o style dance was fun. And funny. Any so my style....
Back to WHIT: He has made a full recovery...eating and drinking again...sleeping too....we didn't sleep for 2 nights in a was heart goes out to the parents of NON-sleeping children...
The following pictures are for your viewing pleasure....ENJOY!

Gotta love the disco clothes....*Rachel, thanks for the leg-warmers, they came in handy in PRETENDING my one-piece was long enough.
Karen, you are awesome..thanks for driving me and dancing with me....RACHEL, thanks for driving over the hill to show your are so amazing and the fact that my belt broke and you took yours off and gave me yours....THANKS....ur the best.

Anne, the true-blue "good-time" dear colleague and friend...YOU ROCK! Shannon, always bringing moves and are so fun to be out and about with.

Why stop with the contents of the bag? Just eat the bag.
teethy, happy, fun little baby IS BACK!!!!!
I will get one of these little "cheerio" like things in my mouth....I will I will I will!!!!!
Goodnight all...
ps-Jordy went to bed early with a fever and the chills....i think he has GROWN up version of FOOT and mouth...yuck.

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  1. YES!! i love to see you gettin' some use outta those leg-warmers. get it, girl!


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