Sunday, March 7, 2010

I've become a weekend

Well, another weekend came and's 10:02pm as I write this now...and we had A big with decisions to make and dinners to eat....FIRST, Whityn came to Kindergarten on FRIDAY....and it was an ADVENTURE for all of us. The kids loved it and I did the best I could at both jobs...phew! To make a long story short...we weren't completely satisfied with our current DAY-CARE provider..and unsatisfied enough that I CHOSE to bring Whit to school with me...since I have no more sick leave principal approved it and it was what it was...

He didn't fall short of any love...that's for sure. They couldn't and wouldn't keep their hands off of him. He loved it!
Taking turns.
The sweet little red-head in the back of this picture...see her. Well, she is one of six and her wonderful mother will be taking care of Whityn everyday now. We are thrilled that he will be a quarter of a mile from me. I couldn't be happier with the change. Speaking of change....WHIT is 7...yes SEVEN months tomorrow. I simply can't bl it! He is sitting up....scooching around on his belly....he loves to stand...he LOVES to eat (like his momma)...he's very social...and he is TEETHING...he can't keep his fingers out of his mouth...on SAturday night we went to our neighbor's house for a sushi party...and he was sucking his thumb...which was new....hmmm! He also will let you know when he is mad lately too. He doesn't like to wait to long for that bottle...or bite...or anything...and he gets pi**ed...when you take something away that he might be enjoying like my cell phone....hahaha.
This was a picture from today...and yes it's still snowy..BUT, it was almost 40...and we DID 80 for HAITI today with Whityn. We joined a few runners and walkers at TETON springs to send money to Haiti. Lisa Smith-Batchen..the lady in charge did 100 miles over the weekend..impressive huh. I did like 3. hahaha.
This was Whityn while we walked/ran laps at the Springs....
Then we got home...and Jordy gave Whityn some plastic bubble wrap...yep, we are good parents....BELIEVE me though...don't DARE take it away..or you will hear about it.
If all it took was plastic bubble wrap to make me this happy.....hehheheheh. Okay, so I chose to POST the following picture...for those out there who my mom and dad...and nannie...I started P90X tonight with my friend Anne. She has done it once before..and I really wanted to do it....but MY new year's ressie is to FIND instead I am doing p30x....perfect timing for our SPRING BREAK in florida. I am excited to shape and tone up this long body of mine which is ABOUT to be turning 30 mind you! yikes. I will post a BACK photo in 30 days...and I will let you be the decider. ps-don't mind my hot rat tail....hahaha...and the workout has you take wasn't our idea...okay? So, don't laugh to hard or I will beat you up in 30 days!!!!!

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  1. what in the heck are you worried about?? You look great Lauryn!!


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