Sunday, March 21, 2010

at a glance!

Well...well...well. 30 feels the same so far! It was a crazy fun-filled week....EXCEPT for Whityn decided to get PINK-eye and some type of infection...he's on antibiotics now....crazy. He has had quite the week. I am on -biotics too. While at the doc...I got checked out too. I had a sinus infection....eeesh. Here goes the week at a GLANCE.
Driving to school....this is my view....purty huh? I sure enjoy the day-light savings TIME change....especially after school SUNSHINE.

St. patty's day is always one of my PERSONAL favorites...perhaps it's because my b-day is the following day...or perhaps it's just a RAD day....we DID not cook Whit in the crockpot...but Jordy did make corn-beef and cabbage in the crock-pot...and it was so GOOD. We had the Stitts over and drank guiness too. YUM. Whitty's and Jensey fell asleep way too early.
Happy me! 30 years on the I have learned a lot. Today I spent MOST of my day with kids at the Alta school. We had a beach bash...which included limbo, the BEACH balloon games...and ICEcream...yum.
After the beach bash...the staff made me a PEanut-butter choc. cake....and i ate that too.
THEN Jordy and I went out to the SNAKE river grill in Jackson..while my bud AFTON watched Whitties.....he was so good for her she said.
Why are b-days so fun? Why do you feel so special? Today a BUCKET was placed outside my door. The entire and faculty filled my bucket with notes, messages and little gifts. It made me feel like a million bucks. I have my little bucket on my shelf at home....still full. I have read them all a few thoughtful. THANKS guys. Getting your bucket filled FEELS good.
This happy...cute...little sweet-pea decided that he would get the PINK eye....can't tell in this's all gone now...thank god. We went to the doctor AGAIN on
Friday......I missed school too....and we both got put on antibiotics....eeesh.
We did get outside a bit this weekend (it was so pretty)...but mostly we stayed around the house...and did some SPRING cleaning and WHITTies did some sleeping. He is sitting up so good's so cute to watch him see the world this way. He loves to stand up and balance....looks so proud of himself when he does it.
Rue dreams of the moment that Whit will chase him. They are gonna be best buds.
Whit doesn't suck his thumb...or take a paci...but he LOVES chewing his fingers lately....teethy baby I guess. He has two on the bottom. Wonder when and where the next ones will be.
This was taken today (SUNDAY) as I was organizing sock baskets...under the couch....closets...etc. See the heart-shaped necklace Whitties has in his's called chewable can find it here. I happened upon this at school and Whit loves it...when it's on me or if he just gets to play with it. I would say get'cha one.....if you have a chewer on your hands.
Okay, just a quick post ABOut my making...snuggle bug....husband. You see around FEB. 28th...he got this bright idea that we should go SUGAR-free for okay....we did it...I lasted until March 12th...I know I know...but it's my BDAY month...and it was just way too, you know that all the GIRL scout cookies come in this month too...yep. Well, between the two of us...we each ordered about 15 boxes....being teachers and all. So, our cookies came home...I ate a box here..then a box there...and well, I really wanted a TAG-A-LONG...since I had never had those..I only ordered one box...well, Jordy ordered 3 boxes....yes 3 or, I asked for a cookie...and my amazing husband...was like no way, you already ate yours....and I of course was like...DID you forget how to share? And he was like I will share them in April when my sugar free march is up...and I am like..well, I want them now....after much of this and THAT and a kind-of bickering session..I got my box....he shared. I can't believe this guy and his sweets. It was funny. You kinda of had to be there. :)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great one! Whit is beautiful and getting so big! How are you guys?!

  2. omg, that picture of whit in the crock pot made me laugh out loud... like, for realz. amazing.


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