Monday, February 8, 2010

6 months and things.

Firstly, I ran...with rach...on was perfect (except i was way too tired)
we did some's a new sport...where you go to a FRIENd's house and the tv is on...and you just EAT. It's so fun.
whit got a bottle of love
whit's superbowling speciality.
hey dudes...i turned 6 months...that's half a year...that is crazy.
i can:
*sit up assisted and unassisted, but i still do some face plants...
*sleep through the night
*eat some solids: apples, bananas, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and pears...yum.
*start reaching for people when i want them
*talk like a mad man
*laugh like a gooney bird
*mimic my mommy...hit, talk, tongue out
*hold my bottle
*I am eating more formula now...however I still love to nurse in the morning, after school and night!
*rolling over and playing with toys...
*oh yeah, I popped a tooth on the bottom...everyone is soooo excited
*i love the exercise ball when my mom lays me on it on my fun.
*i love songs...i love walks...runs...being outside
*i can do the car much better now...mostly i fall asleep
i am sure there is more...but I don't want t0 bore my readers...
i enjoy the occasional hamper ride....and hope my mom doesn't forget about me while she is doing the laundry.
I have a faux HOCK!!!! Do you love it! Happy HALF-year to me!!!!


  1. I can't believe how fast they grow. He is so adorable!!! Happy 1/2 Birthday!

  2. Love the new photos Lauren. He's a happy boy and loves everyone!!! What a precious little baby boy he is !!! We miss him and love him bunches!! Happy 6 months Whityn!!! love, Nona and Poppa


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