Monday, February 1, 2010

the queen.

this is my nannie (also known as the queen) to me...and maybe a few others...she celebrated her 80th BIRTHDAY on Sunday with my family....and we weren't there, but we were there via SKYPE....yep, even my nannie can skype now, thanks to us for her new little camera and thanks to dad for his my understanding...we missed out on mom's lasagna and a white chocolate cake with buttercream frosting....bummer!
Let me tell you a little about this lovely lady...She met and married an AMERICAN soldier (my grandpa) while living in England...moved to America (ALABAMA for that matter)...with 2 beautiful children (my mom and Uncle Greg)...She came over on the Queen Mary with her babies...knowing no one except her new husband...scary huh?
SKIPPING to when I met her: I grew up knowing NANNIE which is so cool...I am so close to her because we lived near her and she was always over our house. I loved sleepovers with her, learning and playing cards, trips to the PX and commissary, singing songs, having TEA, stealing cadbury chocolate out of fridge (which was ALWAYs there), decorating her Xmas tree, taking trips (one to ENGLAND/IRELAND which I will never forget seeing my nannie's homeland), devouring her famous banana pudding, cleaning house, watching game shows, seeing her at ALL of my softball and basketball games (she was my biggest fan)....I could go on! I have so many FOND memories with Nannie and I am forever fortunate to have this relationship with my grandmother. Nannie is coming out to Idaho in June. We look forward to making more memories.
Happy Birthday Queen!
80 wonderful years.
Great-grandmother....we love you!


  1. She is a doll! I love seeing her and seeing her face light up when she talks about you. Looks like Whit is loving solids! Would love to hear more about what he's eating!

  2. I LOVE Agnes! I can remember her from when I was a little little girl! She has always told us she is 29! Ha! Sounds like she has been a great grandmother too!! I enjoyed the story about her marrying a soldier and moving to the U.S. I didn't know that.

  3. We love and miss you bunches Whityn! I wish we could have been there when you turned 6 months.

    Love & Hugs,
    Nonna & Poppa


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