Monday, February 22, 2010


so on sunday we went over to our friend's house in Jackson. We had a lunch date, but canceled our SKI up Game creek... well, cause little Whit seemed sorta out of sorts....we kept wondering about he sick? is he cutting teeth? Why can't we put him down? Why is our little boy soooooo needy all of a sudden? Well, while at our friend's house...Whit was getting his bottle and Jordy noticed a long black hair across Whit's eye and wrapped around underneath....yikes. Well, we stopped the bottle....tried to retract the luck. Just tears....which we thought were good....but he was PISSED. So we kept trying then I called the Urgent Care...and said, "Hey, I am a new mom.....hahahahah, but my 6 month old baby has a dog hair in his eye and we can't get it out" we come in?" She laughed....put me on hold and came back a few minutes later....."YEs, since it is the eye" and we don't want to do further damage....come on in" SHOO...what relief!
Am I paranoid? Maybe...but we didn't know what to do...and we all know how annoying it can be when something is in your eyeball....right!!!!!

So, off to the urgent care....paperwork...sitting one was there....but it still took an hour of waiting..then in comes the doctor....

I held him in my arms...Jordy had the doctor light...and the doc took a LONG cu-tip and stuck it in under his lower lid.....and plucked out that coarse little hair....ewww!

I SAVED it for the scrapbook!!!!! hahahah

I'm kidding!

AMAteurs!!!!! If you are a are laughing...and saying "I have been there" and if you aren't a parent...maybe you are just laughing. heheheeh. I am!

argh....matey! don't worry I made a full I sit around and eat books...who needs to read 'em anyhow?
wanna snuggle?
bum bum.
are you sure you don't want to snuggle me??? Everyone needs a snuggle on Monday.


  1. Oh my! remember when Jax was a baby and I called the ER because he would'nt stop crying> The bitches just laughed at me and asked if it was my first baby. He looks so perfect in those pics. Whens our hot date?

  2. Lauren, that is scary! I always do that too...I think it's just part of defending your baby and that motherly instinct! It's TOTALLY normal!

  3. What a cute boy...the last shot is so precious. You are a great mama.


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