Monday, February 8, 2010

For DAD.

Dad, look closely at this picture...and what do you think of...
I think of ME and YOU. I think of air-popped buttery popcorn that you would make in the glass bowl with the orange and yellow flowers on it. I think of sticky hands and kernels in my teeth. I think of sitting on your lap in the lazy boy as we would EAT handful after handful and spill it in the cracks and onto the floor...I think of seconds. I think of WWF. I think of the greasy remote control. I think of hitting your hand with my hand while dipping into the bowl. I think of sharing. I think of love. I think of you.
*today in kindergarten was the 100Th day. I asked the class if 100 kernels would feed us...some said yes, some said no. it didn't. 400 did. they love the popper...they loved the popcorn. they love me sharing my story about eating it with my dad.
PS-i love you skipper!


  1. Happy Half Year to Whit! And I LOVE that story about your dad. The popcorn popper is TOO COOL...we need one like that. Where did you get it?

  2. I love the post about your dad. The really funny thing is that I pretty sure we had the exact same bowl that was our "popcorn bowl" too. Happy 6 monther Big Whit!


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