Thursday, February 11, 2010

Really impressed.

First....I was asked the other day at a TEACHER inservice..."what do you do to take care of yourself so that you can be a better mom, wife, teacher...etc?" The first thing that popped into my head was...I don't have to take care of me....JORDY does! It's funny. Sometimes I can't believe I got lucky enough to find someone that matched "JUST" what I was looking for. I can't believe what a wonderful husband that this man is. I can't imagine a better fit for me. Jordy is the full package. He loves hard, listens intently, builds me up, grounds me down, gives me all the hugs and kisses I need, adores me, cooks amazing little tasty dinners for two nightly and cleans them all up, gives me time to myself and with my girls, empathizes with being a woman (which i love), tells me all the time how great I am, makes me feel beautiful, packs my lunch everyday for school, puts my bags in the car and starts it, pays the bills, cleans floors....(love this)...he is a ROCKstar husband.
It's funny though...I never really new what it was gonna take to make a MARRIAGE work. It's hard. Even though it may look like we have no bumps...we do! It's's not pretty at isn't perfect...but we work at it.... and at it...and at it...and we make it work. AND it just does. I met and married this amazing human that strives to make things better, me better, our lives better...he makes me want to be a better person....a better mom...a better teacher...a better wife...a better friend. I should tell him this more. We all should.
JOrdy-thanks for being you, my dear sweet friend. thanks for being just what i need and what whityn needs. you are a wonderful husband and father. I am so impressed. Happy Valentines Day!
like father, like son!

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  1. They are adorable! Your blog makes a lot of sense. It is good to know that it does take work for you guys; Your marriage seems perfect from the outside. You have one heck of a man to love you. I hope you guys have a wonderful Valentines tomorrow.


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