Sunday, February 28, 2010

i love weekends...WARNING: long post!

No pictures of our Friday...but here's how it went:
Whit had his 6 month check up at ALMOST 7 months.
He's up to 17 lbs (25th percentile) and 29.25 inches long (he's back on the chart my friends.....he is in the 8oth percentile) to be honest, we were relieved to see him on the charts...we want a big boy....but we were a bit scared of how big he might be...hehehe.
My friend Anne and I worked out a TRADE for our on Friday Whityn went with them to their house and Jordy and I went out on the Jackson. We had pre-dinner drinks at the village and then ate Masa sushi...yum yum. It was like we were dating again....I don't why...but it was so fun....more about our night with their little peanut later...

Saturday we put on our relax--y clothes and did some relaxing...don't you love Whit's jeans...they were Millie's jeans first! Speaking of Millie....she and her mommy showed up on Saturday morning for a walk...but SOMEONE took my no walkie for us...but we did catch up and do some hanging out. Millie is talking up a storm...complete fun to see you sweet pea! Both of you!!!!
After they left....We read some books...
and we wrestled some books too!
we ate lots and lots of peas....he went from liking them to LOVING them!
we laughed!
we bounced! *Whit can finally work this's so fun to watch him jump and spin and eat the toys.
So, Saturday night, Jensey came over while her parents went out on the town....she is also in my kindergarten this was a special treat. We had so much fun. We ate pizza and icecream....and watched a movie about a WATERhorse (but it's soooooo scary, so if you have a little one and you think it's's's SCARY!!!!) She kept covering her eyes...I felt so bad...we fast-forwarded a bit of it...but overrall she toughed it out. Way to go Jensey...
After the movie, we headed upstairs to my bed for a few stories...3 to be exact...and by the middle of "Where the wild things are" she was out! So sweet!

Night Night little one!
Whit was out too. He only got one story though!!!! so cute.
Sunday was a very SUNNy-day...we slept in while daddy rubbed down 3 racks of ribs....cause we invited over some friends for dinner...Jordy, Whit and I went for a nice walk into town coffee...and walk home!
then we did some stretching.....whit had some stretches of his own....hehe
Then our friends showed up....and brought their very cute little peanut Teya over!!!!
teya couldn't get enough of whit....she loved giving out hugs.
Whit gotta a little love from Matt (Teya's pops)....
More floor time with Teya...she was hammin it up with the camera!
She was loving having her picture sweet. She loved Whit. Someday I might have to convince her to lay down next to Whit.....hahaha!

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  1. I love it! I love weekends too and it is so amazing watching our little ones grow. It seems like everyday it is something new! Hold on tight because LC learned to stand this weekend and I am a nervous wreck! I wish you were closer so we could get our two together. I know they would have a ball! Can you believe that half a year has passed?? aaah! and I am glad Whit loves peas, LC liked them, but they did not like her! :)


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