Monday, February 1, 2010


No, I didn't dye my hair blue, but this is what I wore to my friend's B'day bash on Friday evening....Jordy was THE BEST husband ever and not only sent me out with the ladies but offered to come and pick me up when I was ready to come home....gotta love that guy.
A toast to the beautiful Jade.
in full swing: Jade charades.....hehehe *thanks deirdre (everyone remember those fun little fortune tellers you made in school while you were supposed to be doing something else)..w.e.l.l we made one for jade of people and events in her life that we had to ACT out and SHE had to was sooooooooooooooo fun!
hippie cowgirl's new belt

let the fun begin....AND end! Fun Friday for Lauryn!
Saturday was a lazy day....kind-of! We went to WAR-birds where we haven't been in forever and had some lunch, checked out the planes with Whit, RAN out of wipes.....eeeeeek. I resorted to toilet paper (he didn't seem to mind)....
blue eyes.
whityn caught a tiGGer by it's tail.
Sunday it snowed and snowed and, we WENT for it....we strapped whityn in and went for a snowy....SLOW...funny...RUN!
snowfeet...kinda like happyfeet, yet snowy.
run mama run!
ready to go.
whit seems to love the outdoors...he just is so happy the moment you walk outside...he was in AWE of the snowflakes...
TODAY, when Jordy came home...Whit looked like this. He is so fun...what a blessing!

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