Wednesday, June 2, 2010

just a few more.

Remember our little fishing adventure...well, this is what Whityn did for the most part!
Still loves to look at himself. Who doesn't right?
Almost crawling. Turning. Scooting....
Little pea in a pod.
Exploring dinosaur graves.
Potty breaks. *By the way...Whaley..I took your advice of -going- to the bathroom outside..and you are most works. thanks for the insight.
Mom made chicken...and Whityn gave it a try. He loves it. He wouldn't let the chicken bone go. Mom said they did that to Kane and me when we were babies...we reacted the same. I can imagine that.


  1. I LOVE your pics and your updates and your gorgeous family! Also, glad the blogosphere delivered some helpful outdoor peeing info! Congratulations on finishing your school year!!

  2. hahaha. Thanks whaley! Not that it was my first PEE outside but it delivered comfort...THANKS. I am glad you keep checking the blog..i read yours too. Stay tuned. Miss you.


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