Saturday, June 12, 2010

PROOF of date night!

Last night *friday* Jordache and I went on out to celebrate his LAST day of school. We headed to the KNOTTY pine..for a cocktail...
with these two cuties...Jennifer and Nick. Jennifer works with Jordy and Nick is her cute husband. They supplied some good conversation...and laughs...THEN they went home so that Jennifer could run her FIRST race on Saturday morning...RUn JEN...RUN!!!! THEN...
Jord and I cruised on over to SPOONS..the new little bistro in Victor. Here is proof that we were there.
We downed some FISH n Chips...among other things...yum yum.
And you can even color/draw/write on the table cloth...that's my kinda place.
Gotta love the date NIGHT. We owe you STITTS!!!!!!

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