Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wonder What?...for Karen!

A little background here before I growing up...IN's really hot..and in my town not much too do...eXcept to roller skate at Bob-A-Lu rink...ahhhh! I seriously went every weekend if I could and was not otherwise traveling with a sport..I was roller skating..I loved it. I will spare you all the GREAT details...but at my school we always take an END of the year field trip somewhere...WELL, this year I picked Starlight Skating rink in Idaho Falls. I booked us a 2 hour skate for our school of 63 kids...some were nervous..most had NEVER been skating before..WHAT???
Even some parents tagged along for the adventure...*BACK home readers...this is for you-they even had speed skates...
ANd the teachers...well, we decided it was worthy of a dress up we donned 70's roller derby girl outfits...G-rated of course. Here is Ms. Pittel (1st and 2nd grade teacher)...she had NEVER skated before.
US: I wish I had a picture of my whole outfit...UGH. I wore a wonder woman shirt..with a running skirt, tights..leg and arm warmers...crazy PIG tails..and sunnies...I seriously had the best time.
Some of my cute little class.
Me with one of my cute does this future roller derby girl look????
Getting ready to hit the concrete.
Mrs. Stitt....(3rd and 4th grade teacher)...also rocked the rink growing up...yeah, you could tell. She sported her Sean Cassidy t-shirt.
Another mom and her little peanut...check out that flipped up skate...they didn't even plan it.
Blackburn...our SPed of knowledge...also grew up in the south and had done this a few thousand times....YEAH!!!
Principal/5th and 6th grade teacher...Mr. awarded BEST costume..and he was a heck of a skater...
All and have to go...ALL my looking for an invite to accompany me to Starlight this summer...we're going. Look out!!!!

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  1. Ohhh...I LOVED Bob a Lu!! Some many memories there. Thanks for the cute post..and the great reminder of how much I love to skate. I will have to take Anderson, when he's 3!! :)


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