Saturday, June 26, 2010

Salt Lake city via phone part 1

So, we went down to Salt Lake to pick my Nannie and brother Kane up from the airport...and to meet my parents who were driving over from the Flaming gorge. It was a short visit...but a fun one.
Here we are walking downtown from lunch to the Temple.
Nannie and Dad taking a break in the Temple Gardens.
Kane posing with Whitties (who was in nappyland)
Eating breakie at the hotel...while Whitties says his prayers and sleeps.....hehehe. He must of spent too much time at the Temple gardens...
Eating out...Jordy, Kane and I went to the RED Iguana in SLC for Mexican. It was fabulous and fun to just hang out with sans Whitties....have some cocktails...and enjoy some conversation..THANKS for baby-sitting Nannie, Mom and're the best!
Saying good bye!!!! Whitty loves you Nonna!


  1. a] i LOVE that new pic of whit as your masthead.

    b] the red iguana is my FAVE restaurant in slc. jealous.

    c] where were you this mornin'?? i could've really used some tall girl power for the jackson half marathon.

  2. You know about the red iguana? I thought I was the only one... you just moved up two more cool notches in my book.. Your bum has always been bangin!


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