Saturday, June 26, 2010

Out of the mouth of Kane...

At my softball games on Thursday night...Kane (my brother) and Nannie (my biggest fan)...were sitting in the stands...half entertained...laughing at the Idaho the people playing in the funny looking fields...which have no LIGHTS...etc...I could go one forever HOW VERY different playing softball out here versus playing softball in Alabama...


I was up to bat....hit a nice line drive out center-field...AND apparently as I ran from 3rd to home..Kane (my bro-dog) was intensely watching.

As I ran over to them......this was what was said.

Me: hard.

Kane: I noticed when you ran from 3rd to have a BUTT now since you had a baby....

Me: Thanks kane. I always wanted a butt. I have noticed my pants fit differently.

Kane: You look great though.

Me: thanks Kane.

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