Monday, June 28, 2010

alabama in Idaho and such.

Well, my bro-dog and Nannie have been in town for a week now...and we've been enjoying eachother, friends, the weather, birthdays...etc. Tomorrow we all pack up the car and head down to Salt Lake City...for them to fly out..and Jordy, me and Whityn are staying the night and flying out Wednesday for New York...UPSTATE...we are so excited.
HEre is Whitty with his favorite food...I think.
Alley-oop, Oliver and Matt came over for a bbq...I can't believe how big Oliver is...walking..talking..smelling flowers...running from his mommy. I love it.
He was loving to water the plants at my house. So cute.
Brother Kane..doing what he does best...ahhh.mmm. DRINK a beer. hehehe. He is like the bestest brother ever. I have soooo enjoyed having you here Kane! I miss you. I wish you lived closer, but I love showing you the mountains.
Arms around Nannie...not a day over 29. Doesn't she look great? She is one special lady...and was treated for her birthday by brother kane and myself TO a trip to Idaho...she loved it.
She loved watching Whit his thing. Even though..Whitty was a little out of sorts..recovering from an ear infections..etc. His sleep patterns have been a little wacky and he has been somewhat of a little stinker at times...he came around. He is growing and changing so fast. I can't stand it...but i love it. He loves being outside. When I pick him up to go in..he shakes his head, sometimes bangs his head on me...and pitches a fit....funny...yet not!
Enjoying long summer days.
Playing with Nannie. Nannie just adores you. She keeps talking to you...feeding you..trying to hold you. YOu let her hold you twice...but you cried a few of the other attempts...maybe it was her voice. YOu light her life.
We did a little WORLD cupping this past week too.....TOO BAD about the US of A...but fun to watch for sure. We enjoyed the game over a few beers and some YUMMY food at SCRATCH...
Whitty enjoyed some water and an avocado.
We put in some park time. Nannie loved pushing Whityn. He loves the swings. This was the first time he cried and held on when I tried to get him out...hmm, someone is getting a personality.
We went to a 1st BIRTHDAY party for our friend Brayden. His mom and dad are Courtney and Bruce..>I met Bruce my first night in Jackson with Jordy. He is such a sweet man and great father to two cuties.
I don't think Brayden loved his hat.
Whit was practicing. He has 41 days til his BIG bash!
Come on Brayden..keep your hat on for a picture..and smile. hehehe. Look how much bigger Whityn is than brayden...eeesh.
We also drank some the local EMporium. YUM. Kane posed for a picture outside. Doesn't he look cute?
nannie bought Whitty a new pool..along with some other great wooden toys...He was a huge fan of some pool time. I was thinking I would get my suit on too and hope on in...but it was only big enough for one GRIFFIN...
I hung out outside the pool and donned my suit in my yard like a true Alabama girl would.
WE did lots of eating. Tonight...which was our last night..we ate at teton thai..which moved to Driggs to a much larger was great...let intimate than in Victor..but cool building..great food and family. Whityn really took to Kane this trip. HE like him a lot. He would let Uncle Kane hold him and take him away. Kane was so cute too. I wish we lived closer for pictures like the one below. DANGit!
Leaving Thai. yum. love you family. thanks for coming. happy 80th nannie. hope you enjoyed your family vaca.

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  1. I'm so glad your family came out to stay with you guys! Great pictures! Can't believe Whit is going to be 1 so's too soon!


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