Saturday, June 12, 2010

a bunch of somethings...

So, I have been out of school for a week...ahhhhhh! However, I have been, organizing...playing with Whitties and just some good ole' hanging out....out of my week off...we have had ONE sunny day...where we were outside from beginning to end.
On Whittie's 10 month BIRTHDAY...the sun came out...YEAH. We went to the Alta Playground and did some swingin! He loves it. There were some cute little girls running around that he couldn't keep his eyes off of.
See...eyes on girls.
Back in Victor..we went for a walk...Whit loves walks...he loves to look around and I love that some of his first memories will be staring at the birds, trees, mountains...and breathing fresh air.
Back at our house in the YARD..still soaking up the day...playing with dandelions.
Get it Whit!!!
Our little house in the background...and Whitties exploring the yard.
WHat is this thing?
Practicing walking...he's obsessed...he's really not happy unless you are holding his hands lapping the house...phew. Tiring for me...and HELLO "achey" back...I am too big for this.
Saying HI to the girls. He loves them...he got his toe pecked too...didn't phase him...pretty funny.
Hi mom! Whitties hanging out playing FARM..he loves it. I love his PJs...thanks MOM-mom!!!!
He likes to eat the farmer...I tell him to eat the cow or the chicken, but he insist on the farmer..
MOM, please stop taking pictures of me.
OH, guess who's crawling???? Yep..about 2 days before 10 months...he took off...backwards..forwards...he's outta here...AND we went to our WELL-ness check up with T. LErch....she says he looks great.
He is 20 lbs 9 oz (45% on the charts)
Measuring almost 30 inches long... (75% on the charts)
And his head measures around 75% too.
Frankly, I was glad he stayed on the chart..I want a tall boy...but I was a wee bit nervous that he might be SUPER tall....yikes.
Whitties has 6 teeth...and is cutting two more...on the bottom...he loves to EAT...will eat anything really.
I did force him to try my soft serve ice cream cone yesterday and he didn't love that...guess I won't complain. I am super excited to be off with him..however I am back to work MON-THURSDAY...for training for school. EEESH. No kids..just training inside...and WHitties is back with Dana for 4 days..then it's really just us.
Back later with updates from girls' night out and DATE night.

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