Saturday, June 12, 2010

S.E.X....n the City

So...Thursday night was a girls night out...myself, Anne and Afton headed over Teton Pass to Calico for dinner....not just any movie...and then did a mini stop off at the COACH on the way home...which landed us smack in the middle of DISCO night...and boy you know how I love to dance..and so do the two lovely ladies that accompanied for the next 2 or so hours..we shook it. It was so fun...I haven't danced in a I had a lot of "SELF" to get out....THANKS girls for a good time. You are the best!IMG_3092.jpg
This is the stagecoach on any given night...EXCEPT for disco...some things I saw were: boys dancing in shorts...glittered gold short shorts...headbands...BELT buckles and tight jeans...puffy and flip flops...old and some wyoming too. OH, how I miss dancing....LMW..if you are reading this..think back to our many coach nights....yeehaw!!!

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  1. Laur! Our nights at the Coach are some of my fondest memories in Jackson! 100-year-old Bill and Ralph! Yeah! I never did master those Lauryn crazy knees. Keep dancin', girl!


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