Friday, July 30, 2010

the girls..and oh yes they did. whitty and i walked out to the coop a few days ago to gather the eggs...but a girl was there so we left and came find the girl was there...this went on for awhile until i came in later the next find this!
the girl was still there and another girl was on top trying to lay her eggs...i was a bit confused...because we have 3 egg-laying boxes...why this girl was on the other girl....hmmm.
however, later that night..i went back and found the girl still there...jordy told me to lift her up...and i was nervous cause sometimes they peck you if they are laying...but i think she might of been sleeping because she let me pick her right up...and underneath her i found 12 eggs...that a dozen people...what the heck...???
however after some thinking, i am wondering if she was trying to hatch them....cause she was like horton the elephant...she wasn't budging.
so i think she let the other girls lay on top of her and then she would move a little to let the eggs settle under her...very weird...
but with a little watermelon...she made a full recovery. it's okay girl...

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  1. Mom and Dad said that she's call a broody hen. Sometimes they can get really mean about it. She just wants a brood for herself. They will even do it with non fertilized eggs (obviously).


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