Tuesday, July 13, 2010

on the boat

The Stitts invited us on the boat Monday night for some ski/tube/dinner riding...we of course accepted...and we had a blast. Whit loves the water..and the boat..he was still, quiet...and great.
crawling the floor.
watermelon...and a swim...i plunged in with jensey too. it was cold...but refreshing..i had whitties all dressed to go in...but i didn't do it!
anne did some slalom skiing...and i did some tubing...thank god for no pictures...i was terrible. can you even be terrible at tubing...well, i was.
whit and jensey...i catch these two holding hands all the time.
father and daughter.
front of the boat....whitty loves to point...
at everything.
jensey drives the boat into the sunset...it's around 8:40pm...crazy how bright it is huh?
headed back.
loving it.
time to go home...hope Rainey Creek ice-cream is still open.

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  1. What a fabulous entry. The light was so perfect for beautiful photos. It's like a picture book.


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