Sunday, July 18, 2010

on the go...never say no!

Isn't summer the season to say YES to any and all invitations....and we wonder where summer goes? We have been busy...hiking...running...biking...swimming...boating...and just playing on the floor. I can't believe Whityn's 1st birthday is around the corner. I have been staring at him lately trying to stop time...and keep him BABY...I have so enjoyed this special time in our lives.

this past week was busy with taken just with the ladies...except for our dogs...we poked around making our way up Spencer's Peak off Pine Creek pass...but after 2 or so wrong turns (my fault entirely)...and not a lot of signage....and not to mention a little one in a backpack (not my little one, but Karen's little little one stayed home with the boys) we didn't summit!!! But, we'll be back Spencer Peak...we'll be back.
Rae-rae,winston,karen, and millie trudge onward
clearly i love having my picture taken
but so do they...aren't they cute?
and here is proof that we were all teachers enjoying SUMMER!
taking a break and eating a snack...and watching the creek.
flower power
i used to have so many pictures with us and the dogs...and now it's usually us and the i got one with Ruezy...for old time's sake...EAt your heart out female doggies....What a wonderful way to spend a mountain the woods with the girls...thanks are truly great women to be with!

look who's reading?
And now we are off in the car....Whit is now facing forward...a decision Jordy and I made a few weeks changed our lives to have him forward facing...why can't they just start out this way? I don't even think I came home in a carseat.
this past week, jordy and I planned a DATE-day...we reserved Whityn a spot in his new daycare for next year....I figured might as well start getting to know the ladies there right? So, Thursday he went from 1-5pm...and we grabbed lunch and headed to the woods to RUN/hike up to the Devil's staircase...and OF course..I got the WORST stomach ache you can only imagine how my hike/run was in the woods...hmmm, not very fun...not to mention the mosquitos were awful....i did my share of complaining until Jord had to remind me we were on a date...ooops. I straightened up and Flew right the rest of my time in the woods....
And Whityn did well at Bright Futures (daycare)...they said he played, napped and played some more..oh, and had a snack...she said he futzed a little, but nothing serious. We are gonna try it again this week.
onward to the devil's staircase...with the devil in my tummy.

Diaper Derby-Tin Cup 2010
Saturday was the Tin cup in Driggs. The Tin Cup is a bunch of races (5k,10k, half, full and even a diaper derby...Are you wondering what that is?...well, it's a baby race...babies that crawl across the mat as fast as they can...
Here's Whityn's biggest fan...Jensey..she came to support, cheer and hula him into the winner's circle.
Crawl babies crawl...see the girl in jeans...she took the trophy.
Here's Whityn in his lane.
Come on buddy!!!! I know your tired..hungry and I think the mat is it???oh, you poor thing!!!
It's okay, you don't have to do it...just cry and crawl back to daddy....
*Whityn crawled maybe 6 inches down the mat and turned around to dad...hehehe. then we QUICK gave him his bottle and he was almost inSTANTLY asleep....

Family Day with the Griffins
So, a while ago...jordy and I deemed Sunday our FAMILY one gets to BAG on Family day. We have a few tradition that we hold tight too. We always to Waffles and the morning...and we have to do an OUTDOOR activity and end the day with a movie...BUT the rest is up to the family....
We did some bike riding today...we did a cruiser ride where Whitties rides in the ERGO on mommy's back!
as seen here.
and again here.
taking a break after being a monkey on mommy's back.
playing in the grass in the front yard...Whityn loves to hunt for rocks.
This was from our morning ride which I have NO pictures of....but Jordy, Whityn and myself went for a road-bike ride...I, however fell off in my driveway...this was one part of my leg...lovely...huh.
We did lots of hanging today..we stopped by Matt, Shelly and Teya's house to return the Thule rack which I borrowed while they have been in Italy for the past 3 weeks. Jealous!!!
More family time in the yard with no visitors...nothing to worry about...just us.
Gotta love family day. We do!

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