Monday, July 26, 2010

picture perfect weekend with the Schells

so friday we set off for yet another summer adventure...yet this time we were accompanied by the cutest family from Lander, Wyoming. we had loaded 14 footer and one 16 footer...4 adults and 3 children under the age of 3...for a two night backcountry camping extravaganza...crazy? or Adventurous?

This was my first picture taken....after we (I mean Jordy) paddled us through String lake to the Leigh Lake portage in Grand Teton National Park...
we received a GOOD KARMA award from a nice gentleman with a boat dolly who offered to help portage both canoes to the NEXT lake....
Rene and I were psyched...all we had to do was carry the kids.
And if you were wondering why I wasn't's why?
this is what Whityn did all the way across Leigh Lake to our campsite.
Setting up camp...gotta love the crazy creek chair...these toddlers do.
Whityn was excited to put on his snuggies and have a snack...
Charlotte was excited to be at one with her bowl full of spaghetti
Jordy ALWAYS makes way too much spaghetti...he has this thing with measuring the noodles and insisting on needing more...that he didn't make enough...I try to tell him..but, it's useless. This is what was left after we all stuff ourselves.
then there was some campfire time.
and a family picture where Whityn plays with my hair....he loves it when it's down..he thinks I am like this whole new mommy.
Father/Daughter canoe rides at sunset...
And always save room for a smore...or two..or three..or four!
then it's off to which i read 41 pages of my new book...and this little guy slept good...woke once in the wee hours crying...but had a wee-hour bottle...and that was that.
and then he woke at sunrise.
And there was some walking in the woods...both adults equipped with bear spray (safety off)...
a short walk landed us was beautiful.
the whityn..but you can only see his hat.
there was some fishing...both fly and spin
there was lots of sunscreen applied to cute little wonderful mommas.
and some even caught a fish....rene ran on over to check it out.
there was family time.
and icy cold Lake dips......even the little ones went in..except for whityn..i decided not to subject him to that....not yet anyhow.
there was little people pow-wows.
and more walks into the woods.
and girl talks...and mothering...and tummy aches...and bug bites...and sibling fun...and sleep.
and breakfast bottles...tent naps...fleece in July...wool socks...
and then even though we could stay for was time to go...but what a leave on a glassy lake....
guess who fell asleep instantly....yep, you guessed it. he hated that d*&n life he closed his eyes and drifted off to nappyland.
Back on String...and guess who got to paddle...YEP, me....I got to practice my J-stroke...even though I didn't really get it...I tried it...and understand it..but need to practice it more...and I even invented some the Griffin Stroke...and the S and K stroke...all of which should of been photographed by Jordy but he was too busy tending to Whitty..

thanks reid, rene, timothy and charlotte...for a wonderful weekend that we will definitely be repeating next year! You guys are a wonderful family to be around....see you in 3 weeks at the Green River Lakes for another camping adventure.

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