Saturday, July 10, 2010

some goodies.

thank god for sweet corn. whit loves it...not to share, but his own...loves to hold it, bite it and bang it.
this was taken while in NY...Whit caught walking into the camera...funny.
snuggles with Bev.....songs and love.
being naked rocks.
got a napkin on my head...don't call me a napkin head!!!!
*tried to take whitty to a birthday party tonight down the road...all loaded up in the ergo carrier...on my bike..headed down the driveway when he starts screaming...and arching is i decided to turn around..hand him over to daddy...for a nappyland i went to the birthday all was fun to go to a 3 year olds party. naked slip and slides....bbq...watermelon...that's my kinda party. I hate you missed it whit.

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