Friday, July 30, 2010

sick baby?

whitty did daycare today...dropped him shortly after 10 AM...worked in my classroom for 4 hours..then headed back that way...THE DAYCARE called while i was in say:
hey...whit just woke from his nap...and he has a temp. of 104.8.....
me: uh, what? are you sure? I am almost there.
these were taken the other day...he's not this happy today...
so we took him to see t.lerch...ears=fine....throat=fine...however he still has 102 fever now..but is sleeping...poor baby. he's very fussy and sad...and i hate that.
can't wait for him to be back to his crazy, banging...varoom crawling self.
until then: we come.

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  1. You know Anderson has done that from time to time. Get temperatures for no reason...I think it may have been teeth. Could that be true for Whit?? I love the mudroom and the color too! Hope he gets better really soon! It's scary to have a sick baby. :)


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