Thursday, July 22, 2010

living the life of a teacher and being married to one.

I guess if you are reading this, you know that I am a teacher and so is my husband which means the last 42 days have been spent doing WHATEVER WE WANT...don't get me wrong..we both work our booties off almost 10 months out of the year..but SUMMER is spent doing our hobbies...which include many things...but today we woke early...6ish...and got ready and headed over to Grand Teton National Park. We had to make a stop by the Moose Visitor center. We are headed into the mountains with great friends tomorrow and you have to go and reserve your backcountry spot in person the day before you go. So, we made a day of it....we got our camping spot on Leigh Lake at the base of the tetons...we will be spending Friday - Sunday with 4 adults and 3 little bitties....we are very excited. We will have 4 cans of bear spray between for each no worries mom. We are very excited to Adventure with Whityn on his first backcountry camping experience...more to come when we get back.
After we got our permits...for camping, canoes, and fishing licenses...we headed on over to String Lake for somewhat of a trial run...but we invited Oliver and Alley-oop.
We spent the morning playing in the eating snacks like pirate booty, raisins..and rice cakes.
we posed for a few pictures...ankle deep in the mountain lake
we did some cruisin' which is Whit's favorite thing to do...he gets SO mad if you stop!
Mommy got Daddy took over.
Oliver caught in thigh deep...Oliver did a few falls into the water...but didn't seem to bugged by it all.
More walking.
some down time...Whityn was all naked wrapped in a warm towel double fisting his milk...he was just awake and quiet..and taking it all in...and then he dosed off for a good hour....during that time..Oliver showed me he could jump, stomp....touch is body parts...and laugh so hard.
our morning view....looks unreal huh?
JOrdy was taking it all in....except for the sun..he hates burning that dome of his.
ps- i love being a teacher.

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