Thursday, July 22, 2010

night owl happenings...

Some people might say...she has too much time on her hands...i actually don't...but i will sacrifice sleep in order to get things done....such as things like:
1. make Whityn a cute jersey/outfit for his 1st birthday about making whityn an that it makes it too his baby book...did I tell you i am printing off my blog for Whityn's first b-day's his FIRST year book. I think it's the coolest thing ever...and some day hopefully he will too.
So, here is the back of a onesie I had already...that I ironed on his name...then did this cool STICK and STEAM number in which I traced, cut and ironed that on..then just outlined it with a sharpie...for kicks....then I added that chicken and pig to his bum bum....since his little party is themed "DOWN on the FARM" with spaghetti parm...yum.
the front...another iron on type tattoo thing that took me like 45 minutes to get it on right....sheeeesh. but i think it's you?

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