Thursday, November 5, 2009

Goodnight all!

Huuuuuyah! Love ya'll!


  1. Lauren, I've been thinking about you this morning! Hope your first day at work was great and you haven't cried too much:) I know you can't wait to get home and see Whit!!

  2. Whit is so cute! I know you could just eat him up!! To answer your question from the other day, I went back to finish the school year after Hayes was born. But this year I took a leave of absence and I am working part-time at a church pre-school. Hayes goes w/me and goes to their Mother's morning out in the nursery. It has worked well for our family so far. Hope Friday was a good day for you back at school! It will get easier every day!

  3. Ok. I want a post about your first day back. I know as well as I know myself, that even though it killed you to leave sweet little one, being back at school is such a joy also. My passion is teaching and I can't help but be encouraged each day knowing all the lives I touch. Thinking of you!


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