Saturday, November 14, 2009


Bruce and Courtney stopped by last Saturday for a quick visit. I snapped this picture of the Trio: Gracie, Brayden, and Whit enjoying the lambskin together last Saturday.
Check out Bray's die for! Whit couldn't keep his paws off of him!'s just what we do.
How cute? Brother and sister having some tummy time!

Whit and Bun-buns! I call this little bunny "Bun-Buns" original...I know!!!! Whit just LOVES BB to pieces...he tries to rip her ears off...and eat her face.

LAst night....Uncle Mike and Lydia had us over for pizza....and to have a looksie at Uncle Mike's moose he got. WHOA!!!!! Don't be offended...if you are...sorry! It is really great meat! I am glad we're neighbors...and related...hahaha!
Mr. Marty Moose!!! Way to go will be eating on this FORever!

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