Sunday, November 15, 2009

weekend wonderfuls

In a nutshell: The weekend was great. I got to see those 2 tall people for a consecutive 48 hours...which was awesome. My mom seemed to like it way more than anyone!
I practiced sitting in my BUMBO...which I think I like, but I am still trying to decide.
My mom brought me home this new's called the TUMMY's from one of her students and I feel like I scored...cause it's so fun.
I got a new hat...from Yostmark..i love it. It's a little big..but it'll keep my ears warm which is good...because it's been a bit nippy out!
Fresh up from a nap...Not everyone can pull off this white outfit...but I got it down...I think I look good in white...My nonna would too.
More tummy time..but not on my turtle...this time on the lambskin which is like my favorite thing besides eating...I love the way it feels.
See I am so happy. And I am soooo naked. My mom wouldn't post the other pictures from this weekend...cause they are of me naked...and Nannie might get on to her! HA!

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  1. call me on my home phone 787-5335!!! He looks soo cute. He's so blonde, blueeyed and fair skinned.. I almost thought he was one of my babies!


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