Sunday, November 29, 2009

so sad!

Living the life of a teacher is...well....AWESOME!!! WE (Jord and I) have been off the past 5 days! We have had so much time snuggling with Whit, EATING good food, being outside, and also GETTING NEW GEAR....check out the pic below of my new boot...

this year..we are embarking on a new sport....since Downhill opportunities will be few and far between this WINTER...WE are taking up SKATE skiing! Google it if you are unsure...but it's's fun and it's a workout and we can do it all the while pulling WHIT in the new chariot...yee haw....LET it SNOW!
Whit will be playing with his favorite toy.....he loves this thing! AND we love wooden anything!!!!
he just stares at it and talks to it.
little lovin' from pops! GOODnite.....hopefully TREE pictures to come! *hopefully!

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