Sunday, November 29, 2009

a thing or two...

So today was the day to CUT down the tree....We met up with a few people at the HOME of the Huckleberry milkshake to buy a tree permit *10.00! And off we went over the hill and through the woods LITERALLY.....this is what Whit looked like the whole, NO tree people...not this weekend...maybe next weekend...WE shall try again!
This is what he looked like when we got home.....HOWEVER, he screamed ALL the way home from Pine Creek Pass!
So, we settled for a walk around the the new chariot...*for those who don't know: our house and barn in the background!
This is what Whit looks like inside...he rides in an INFANT that he is well supported and not bounced chariot is built for two (only cause we got a KILLER deal)...not because I am expecting another ONE anytime soon!!! NOTE: We have the jog, bike and ski attachment for this sucker so there is no stopping us now! :)
Phew....all done with the outside...getting warm inside! Thanks ANNE Stitt for all Whit's wonderful warm hand-me-downs!!!!

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