Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Practice makes perfect...right?

So, yesterday we "practiced" going to daycare. I dropped off Whit for a little over an hour and went to the gym. When I got there, she took him off me right away and started singing and bouncing. He was smiling...seemed happy. I came back and there he was laughing on the couch while she played with him...made me feel at ease...so, today we are doing it again...this time an hour and a half....while Aunt Lydia and I do the 5mile loop.

*the picture above has nothing to do with my post....except for the fact that WHIT is under that blanket...my friend Afton snapped this without me knowing while I was nursing Whit in this field....no, I don't usually nurse him outside...standing up....in fields...but we were checking out a POSSIBLE house for her and this is what came of it!


  1. Nursing babies in the wild fields can be dangerous. I've heard it attracts gnomes.

    Looks like you all are doing great! Going back to work is a drag, but Whit will appreciate that his mom has a great career that she loves and puts milk on the table. Miiilllllllk.

  2. Great picture! Good for you for taking Whit to daycare and practicing! It will help come Friday! And good for you for running!


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