Friday, November 27, 2009

Trotting, turkey...touchdowns and MORE

Every year I hope to TROT before my turkey feast...and every year...I don't because the only Turkey trot is 45 minutes this year I took it upon myself to organize my own "Turkey Trot"...or if you were pacing with could refer to it as the TURKEY waddle
Do you like how Whit's face is all hidden...he was miserable for about 3 minutes and then he just fell asleep!
The starting line....I even said: ON your mark, get set, GO!!!! It was so official...we hope to have shirts made up next year.
Half-way through the race!!! We had to turn around because we had about about 16 dogs with us...and near the half way point..there was a bunch of wild turkeys and we didn't want a mid morning massacre....
The runners took off...the waddlers were with me.
off we go...
WArming trot!!! Gotta love this little duo: Millie and her momma (a dear friend of mine)
I finally got my hands on this little sack of potatoes....Tosh! He is a cutie patootie! His momma is also a very dear friend of mine!
Check Whit out Post trot....while everyone drank bloody marys on the front porch in the sunshine...he entered into lala land for a few hours.
After devouring grilled turkey with all the trimmings....there was a little jam session that went down in the living was quite entertaining!
Teya and Whit snuggled up on the lambskin!
16 years from now Whit will be begging Teya to get this close to him...ahhahahahah
Gotta love this little peanut...TEYA...she's a growing bundle of joy that loves everyone!
Today we rallied off the KNOTTY PINE (local watering hole with very large projector screen) to watch the IRON bowl. Whit cheered on his Uncle Kane's team the whole time.....
Whoa....what a game!!! Roll tide!!!!


  1. Hilarious pictures of Whit! It must be SOO cold there...I'm jealous! Roll Tide, awesome game!

  2. Hey! Thanks girl! I get them off of ebay (used) they are Bailey Boys and Kelley's Kids. If you bought them new at a store, they would cost $50-$75, but used on ebay I pay around 5-15 dollars per outfit.


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