Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who's the boss?

So, I learned who was boss Saturday. I had planned a get-a-way for Jordy, me and Whit to Lava Hot Springs. It was a surprise and I was so excited about it. So, I broke the news that we were going and Jordy too was so excited...but guess who wasn't....uh-huh! We packed up the car with dogs, overnight bags and Whityn...only to make it half an hour while Whit screamed, cried and sweated in his carseat...I will refer to his meltdown as a level 10....a level we had not reached before...we him out of the seat and tried to console him...didn't work. We sat there and tried for a good 30-45 minutes...and then looked at eachother and decided to take it back to the house.....bummed at first, but then we met up with the Stitts at the Knotty Pine and then they invited us over to there place for fajitas and peanut butter pie....It ended up being IMPROMPTU BIRTHDAY fun.
Jensey and Whit...she loved snuggling on him.
and tickling him....
and then the boss PASSED out!!!
only to wake again....hahahah.

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  1. Was it your birthday!? Happy Birthday if it was!! And yes...we have a dictator in our house too! Haha!


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